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How do I create and print attendees' badges for the event?

There are 2 options when printing Badges with Certain Arrive, On-Demand Badge Printing and printing your badges to any printer.

On-Demand Badge Printing uses Brother QL-720 NW printers to print wirelessly from the iOS or Android app directly to the printer when your guest checks in. Checking a guest in on the app will send a signal to the Brother printer, and it will immediately print out the badge designed in the badge portal.

The other option with printing your badges is to simply print your badge onto any printer that is connected to your laptop. At the bottom of the badge portal, be sure to set the On-Demand Badge Printing slider to Off. Once the badge is created in the badge portal, click on Attendees, and then Download Badges. The Badges that you created will download into a .zip file on your computer, where you can then print onto any printer that you would like.