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How to get the names and barcodes from Certain Arrive to create a name badge mail merge in Word?

Some customers will find that using a mail merge will work best to meet their formatting needs for badges with Certain Arrive. Here are the steps to create badges using Microsoft Word:

  1. Download the attendee list from Certain Arrive as an Excel file.
  2. Open Microsoft Word to begin mail merge.
  3. Select MAILINGS > Start Mail Merge > Labels.
  4. Select the label product you will be using to print your labels / badges.
  5. Select MAILINGS > Select Recipients > Use an Existing List… and select the downloaded attendee list Excel file for your event.
  6. Use the MAILINGS > Insert Merge Field menu item to select and insert the attendee data fields from the downloaded file.
  7. NOTE: All the field insertions and formatting can be done in the upper left hand label in the document; use the MAILINGS > Update Labels and Preview Results menu items to review your labels as you insert your fields.
  8. Use the following steps to insert a QR code:
    • Select INSERT > Table > 1x1 (single square) to insert one cell into the label and resize as needed to make a square cell
    • Place cursor in the single cell
    • Type CNTL-F9; your cursor should be placed between the two inserted curly brackets {}
    • Type “INCLUDEPICTURE” between the curly brackets, which should look like this: {INCLUDEPICTURE "}
    • Select MAILINGS > Insert Merge Field > QR_Code
    • When finished, the code should look like this:
  9. Select Update Labels
  10. Type ALT-F9 to toggle between the preview and code views
  11. Complete the merge using MAILINGS > Finish & Merge

Additional Notes: